The Knights of Columbus - Council 7821 - MEMBERSHIP DUES & BADGES

Do you need to pay your membership dues or order a name badge?  If so, you can either pay the Financial Secretary directly, or you can use the convenient order form below to take care of it.  If paying your dues, please specify the year you are paying for.  If you need to pay for multiple years (i.e. your dues are in arears and you want to pay for last year and this year) just enter the year you are paying for, then click "Add to Cart."  Then come back to this page and add another year to your cart.
Please Note:  This page is not for new or prospective members, it is intended for current members who have received at least their 1st Degree and are needing to pay their continuing dues.  If you are interested in becoming a Knight, please visit our "How To Join" page and contact us via one of our contact methods.  We will send a Knight to visit with you and assist you in completing your membership application.


If you need to order a name badge, please enter your name exactly as you want it spelled out on your badge.  Your badge should be delivered in 2-4 weeks.



+ $1.50 online convenience fee per year

Please specify the year for which dues are being paid
Please Specify Year of Dues
$7.00 each
+ 50¢ online convenience fee per badge

Please spell your name exactly as you want it on your badge.
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